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About Us

Who we are


The Ghana HIV&AIDS Network (GHANET) was formed in May 1996 as a non-profit making network organization with the aim of bringing together NGOs, FBOs and CBOs to serve as the lead network in the HIV & AIDS response in Ghana. Registered under the companies code, 1963 (Act 179) and also with Department of Social Welfare with branches in all the sixteen (16) Regions of Ghana and coordinators at the district level with membership of over Five Hundred (500) CSOs across the country.

GHANET is a member of the CCM, Ghana AIDS Commission and serves on the Steering and other Sub-committees as well as the Expanded Technical Working Group on AIDS (ETWG). It is governed by a National Executive Council and an Advisory Board. It also has a National Secretariat which is managed by an Executive Secretary, Finance Manager, Program Officer and other support staff.


Working towards HIV& AIDS-Free Society


To be the leading Network of CSOs in Ghana in the mobilization of human, financial and material resources in support of the national HIV&AIDS response and other vulnerable groups


We depend on local contributions from members, GoG, Development Partners and donor agencies


  • To provide the platform for the rapid deployment of HIV&AIDS services at the community level by involving all stakeholders at the community level in support of the national HIV & AIDS response
  • Monitoring and evaluating activities of CSOs at the community level to ensure effective implementation of the national HIV & AIDS response.
  • To build the capacity of member and non-member NGOs, CBOs, and stakeholders to increase their competence in the implementation of the National HIV& AIDS Response
  • To engaged donors, government and stakeholders in the mobilization of resources towards the national response
  • To create and maintain linkages and partnerships with National, Regional and International Networks in support of the national response.