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What we do

What we do



We are always at the forefront on advocacy issues relating to HIV and AIDS policy, funding, prevention, treatment, care and support, stigma and discrimination and human rights.

Resource Mobilization

We are constantly engaging donors, development partners and government to mobilize funds for HIV and AIDS programme implementation across the country by our member NGOs.

Community Mobilization

We are a grassroots organization and we have a specialty in mobilizing local communities for concerted action. We work hand-in-hand with chiefs, queen mothers, opinion leaders, religious leaders, assembly members, women groups, youth groups etc.


On regular basis we organize capacity-building workshops for our member NGOs especially in the areas of evidence-based technical and financial reporting as well as effective communication and fundraising.


Our members are always collecting data on the field through implementation of their various projects and we collaborate with research institutions and professionals to analyze and publish the findings.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Through a knowledge management information system we monitor and evaluate the work of our Member NGOs to document best practices, success stories, and lessons learnt.


We work closely with fellow CSO Networks represented at the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the Global Fund, particularly Network of People Living with HIV (NAP+), Stop TB Partnership Ghana (STBPG), Ghana TB Voice Network Ghana (GTBVN), Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Malaria (GCNM) and Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health (GCNH). We also maintain healthy working relationships other CSOs with whom we share a common goals and aspirations.

Working towards HIV& AIDS-Free Society